How it Works

With a membership base of well over 10,000 strong across all platforms, Hike The Okanagan is a free local hiking group in the Okanagan — primarily Kelowna. We often offer numerous free events throughout the years for our members.

While most of our events are hikes, we have branched out in recent years to include other fun sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and more. Attendance varies between 5 and 65 people, with an average of around 25 per event. As of 2016, we began partnering with other local businesses to help cross-promote brands.

Partner with us and offer a gift card or merchandise at the summit of one or more of our weekend hikes for some incredible exposure.

  1. Event announced on FaceBook to over 10,000 followers with your business name listed as the sponsor.
  2. Event announced by e-mail with your business name and optional note.
  3. Permanent "Sponsored By" name and optional note on the event page.
  4. Sponsor announced, with optional message, during the event's giveaway.

Initial exposure aside, you will be hitting the key active demographic in the area, who will continue to talk about your brand. You simply don't get more targeted than we are, if you are looking for active adults. Winners can be chosen randomly or by playing a mini-game at the summit. This game can be custom-tailored to reflect your brand if desired.

Most businesses to-date have issued gift cards with values of $50 or more.

Get featured with us now!

The most affordable method of advertising you will find. And, in the format of an advertisement that doesn't feel! like an ad.