How To Contribute

We are a non-profit organization in the Okanagan with a passion for the outdoors! All of our content is user-created: from trail write-ups, GPX logs to photos, and even upcoming hosted events. We are here on a mission to compile the world's largest centralized resource for trails in the Okanagan and we need your help!

Building a positive community where we all freely share and can communicate has been central to our vision. If you have time or resources to commit, we welcome you on board! There is nothing special you need to do to get started, aside from have a higher-quality smart phone camera with GPS-support (which is virtually anything that can run Google Maps these days).

Want to have your earnings donated to a charity? We're more than happy to do that! Just let us know where you would like your proceeds sent.

Getting Started

  1. Print, sign, scan and e-mail us a copy of our Content License Agreement.
  2. Find a trail you'd like to hike using your own research. Web sites like and are an excellent place to start.
  3. Contact us to confirm that we do not have someone working on the trail you wish to do already and check to make sure it is not already on our trail list.
  4. Download a GPS logging app that exports to GPX format which also allows you to create waypoints, like GPS Kit for iOS.
  5. Drive to the trailhead, open the app, hit Record, and begin hiking!
  6. Take photos as you go, make notes in about features along the way, and mark waypoints in the app like 3WF for a 'three-way-fork' or anything else like a waterfall or viewpoint.
  7. Finish the hike, without deviating from the trail, and send the log into us along with your e-mail address. Optionally, include any photos we can use or a trail write-up.
  8. We will send you a licensing agreement to sign so that we may legally have the rights to use your data. We'll verify the content and send you payment!

Now, get out there on the trail and let's start making a difference!

Join the fastest growing community of hikers in the Okanagan!

Become part of something large and meaningful!

What We Buy

Even though we are mostly non-profit, we will pay for content that we pre-approve to have on the site. Content you upload yourself without pre-approval, unfortunately, cannot be paid for.

How Much We Pay

$5 for trail GPX logs that are brand new and recorded by yourself or $2 if they are traced from and not hiked in reality, $0.50/photo that we use on the site, and $5 per 200-word written creative trail description along with turn-by-turn non-Google directions.


As a word of warning, plagiarism will result in being banned from our web site.