Black Mountain (2023 Summit)

Black Mountain

24 min from Downtown Kelowna
1700-1548 Swainson Rd, Kelowna, BC

This new route to the summit of Black (Knight) Mountain begins at the official trailhead on Swainson Rd. While only the lower part of the trail network is officially complete, it is likely this will be very close to the official route that will be in place when the park fully opens. It is unclear if this route crosses private property, as there are a couple signs mid-route, but word is that the RDCO purchased this land. Traverse at your own risk prior to the trail being officially opened.

Begin the journey meandering through the bald grassland hills at the base of the mountain before ascending via 4x4ing track to the true summit and cell tower. 270° panoramic views of Kelowna and Highway 33.

  • Half-Day
  • Average
  • Out & Back Same Way
  • 15.20 km round-trip
  • 4 hr 20 min solo
  • 5 hr 58 min group
  • 720 m gain
  • Double-Wide
Kids & Pets
  • On-Leash


1700-1548 Swainson Rd, Kelowna, BC

Driving Time

From Downtown Kelowna, approximate travel time by car is 24 min.

Notable GPS Co-ordinates

Detailed Directions

1) From downtown Kelowna, head north-east towards Vernon on Highway 97.
2) Turn RIGHT onto Highway 33 and follow right to the end of Rutland.
3) Turn LEFT onto Muir Rd
4) Immediately turn RIGHT onto McKenzie Rd
5) After 650m, turn RIGHT to stay on McKenzie Rd
6) After 1.4 km, turn RIGHT onto Swainson Rd
7) Drive approx 1.8 km to the destination and parking lot on the left.

Google Directions

Use our written directions in preference to the Google directions below as they are likely more accurate.

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Linear Trail
This is a linear (out and back/not a loop) trail; the values below indicate the one-way statistics from the trailhead to the end of the route.
  • Starting Elevation: 625 meters
  • Ending Elevation: 1280 meters
  • Maximum Elevation: 1280 meters
  • Minimum Elevation: 625 meters
  • Elevation Gain: 720 meters
  • Elevation Loss: -64 meters
  • Slope Up: 10.00%
  • Slope Down: -4.00%

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Map Waypoints

GPS Notes
We have often color-coded our GPX tracks. While it is not always the case, we have tried to use the following convention on our newer maps:

Green/Blue: human-verified by our volunteers.
Purple: overgrown trail, bushwhack, or on private property.
Red: default color or not reality-checked
Yellow: Road
Other Colors: May have been satellite traced or imported from third party sources.

While we strongly believe our GPS are accurate, please be aware that no logging system is perfect and to be aware of potential errors. Use at your own risk.
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