Best 2020 Hiking Boots for Men & Women

Hiking season is upon us, and many of the trails are still open! If it's time for a new pair of hiking boots, or you're just getting into the sport, the brand that we'd recommend above all-else is Merrell. Sure, it's easy to skimp in times like this and buy something from WalMart, but there are some great specials on now to get high quality boots under $200. Which, for those who are avid hikers, know is a steal!

Personally, I've been using the "Moab 2" for years. It has a breathable mesh lining, yet is also waterproof. It also has phenomenal ankle support to help avoid damage from any missteps. Best of all, it's now lasted me three whole hiking seasons and the tread is still good!


They come in sizes 7 through 14. Since most outdoor stores are closed at the moment, we suggest ordering these on Amazon which has them for a crazy low price right now.

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For women, my girlfriend swears by the brand "Columbia" and has been using their Newton Ridge Plus. They're stylish, waterproof, and offer the same durability and brand-reputation as the Merrells.


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If you have suggestions for other favourite hiking gear, shoot us a message and we'll consider it for a review in a future newsletter.

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