Shortest Treks

Sometimes life gets busy and we can’t expend several hours to explore nature. However, there are many shorter hikes in the region which can be tackled in 30 minutes or less. These short jaunts can take you to waterfalls, along creeks, and through forests…giving you all the positive benefits of being outdoors when time is of the essence! 

An easy trail that meanders along the side of Deep Creek in Peachland, is Hardy Falls. Several bridge crossings make up this 0.86 km trail which leads to a small waterfall in a lush, forested setting. 

In Kelowna, the Dilworth Mountain loop provides an easy 0.86 km path which provides hikers with great views of Kelowna complete with benches to take it all in!

Further out towards Joe Rich one can find the High Rim Trailhead. This 55 km route runs from Kelowna to Vernon. However, a short 2.6 km segment known as the River Trail, includes signs and educational information about local flora and fauna, and takes hikers towards the river to explore. 

Layer Cake Mountain in the Black Mountain area of Kelowna, consists of a short 1.32 km easy trail which provides outstanding views of the fascinating geological formation the mountain is named for.

An easy 1.8 km trail around Shannon Lake in West Kelowna provides hikers with the opportunity to explore this regional park.

The Hidden Lake Parkway in the Glenmore area of Kelowna, meanders easily for 1.78 km next to the lake and nearby housing development.

For a little more challenge, the Knox Mountain True Summit 1.26 km trail starts at the Magic Estates entrance, and after an ascent, provides hikers with a stunning panoramic view of the city of Kelowna.

For another short, but moderately challenging hike, check out Canyon Falls, also known as Crawford Falls. The canyon provides boulders to explore, and stunning waterfalls to revel in!

Another spectacular waterfall hike can be found at Fintry Provincial Park. While the trail and stairway to view the falls is only 1 km long, there are many options to explore further past the trail and around the historic buildings located within the park. 

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